Wed April 23, 2014
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Coppercoins 3.0 Anticipation

UPDATE 04/19/14
We have completed most of the initial design phase of creating a new website. What this means is that all the color schemes and basic location of all the information has been set and completed.

Our current step in the process is to come up with all the code and data for the price guide so values on the website will be more comprehensive and reasonably accurate, updated quarterly. What this means is running proprietary algorithms to update over 150,000 individual values of every issue and die for up to 36 different grades per item. We are nearly finished with this step.

Our last goal before publishing will be a thorough use-case testing scenario with selected individuals to ensure the site is easy to view and navigate.

We do still expect to bring you a new version of the site by the end of Spring. We are investing nothing short of 40 man hours per week to make sure this happens, and barring any unforeseen complications we are still on track and on schedule.

Until that time, please have patience with us while we work. Attributions are still closed and will remain so until we have completed the first phase of the new website (due by the end of Spring). - C. D. Daughtrey, owner.

Breathing Life Back Into

UPDATE 04/19/14
Due to the difficulty and complexity faced in developing the new coppercoins website, the project has been shelved until further notice. We do, however, have a few select die varieties and other Lincoln cent odds and ends running each week on eBay.

You may view our current eBay auctions here:

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Site Donations has been in constant operation for over ten years now, and to date nobody has been charged for the upkeep of the website. Talk of charging for membership to the site has been discussed, but is still a long way off. In an effort to provide uninterrupted service to our valued visitors, we are openly asking for funding to help with the continued maintenance of this site. Small donations are appreciated, nothing extravegant, nothing large. We appreciate whatever support you can provide via Paypal or through the mail to our regular address. Thank you.

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