Tue January 18, 2022
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Looking Through
second edition
by Charles D. Daughtrey

Lincoln cent commemorative poster
10,000 image
Commemorative Poster
by Charles D. Daughtrey


Milestone reached!

coppercoins reaches 25000 images on the website

Coppercoins on YOUTUBE!!

UPDATE 06/10/2019

We are NOW holding LIVE auctions most Tuesday nights on the coppercoins Youtube Channel!! Come watch us live, but be sure to view the auction lots before the event!

coppercoins on Youtube

Coppercoins on eBay

UPDATE 12/07/2017

A complete restructure of business has led me into the direction of opening a store on eBay to work toward making the money to eventually pay someone to help with the code to complete the new version of the site. I am offering a massive grouping of inventory, some of which has been in storage for decades. Now is the time to click-through, go shopping, and help the experience grow!

coppercoins on eBay

The 'Short List'

Welcome to the short list of Lincoln Cent die vaireties. This 12-page mini guide is intended for the coin roll hunter who wants a very easy and fast way to remember which dates are the "key" dates to pull coins for further examination when looking for all the known die varieties in the series is not your key goal in searching through coins. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, yet a "quick and easy" guide to tbe best of the best.

only $3.50
including shipping

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