EDS markers
Numerous die scratches run N-S from the top of the 1 and 9 of the date, in front of Lincoln's face and RTY of LIBERTY. A long die scratch runs North from the top of the B in LIBERTY.
N-S die scratches run through the ES of STATES. A die scratch protrudes from the tip of the left wheat ear, through the E of EPU. Reverse is MDS
MDS markers
Die cracks run along the ridge lines of the first three digits of the date. An E-W die crack shows on the shoulder above VDB. A die scratch runs from the lower back tip of the shoulder toward the rim. A heavy die gouge shows at the rim near 8:00. A light die crack shows on the forehead above the eye. Heavy N-S die scratches show above the date. Reverse is MDS
A large die crack shows in the upper two thirds of the left wheat stalk. A bulbulous die break shows in the lower left wheat grains. Die cracks run through the right wheat grains, and run to the rim in the lower right wheat grains. A strong N-S die scratch shows just inside the left side of the O of ONE. A well placed die scratch parallels the inside vertical line of the E of UNITED. Heavy die scratches run N-S in ES of STATES. A vertical die crack shows on the T of CENT.
LDS markers
Die breaks on 9 in date. Die crack over VDB. Die crack in hair. Reverse is LDS
Die crack on vertical leg of T in CENT. Die crack in lower to center right wheat stalk.
Value Information
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CONECA: RPM-002  |  Crawford:UNKNOWN
Wexler: WRPM-002  |  FS#:UNLISTED
coin photographed is credited to Randy Strickland.

Portions of the secondary mintmark can be seen on the outside of the upper curve.


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