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This search feature is intended to help you find a specific variety die with the criteria you enter. Included below are selection boxes for each of the different criterium you can use in your search. You do not have to select each of them, but for each one you do select, your search will be more refined with fewer items that more closely match what you are looking for.

Use the boxes at the right to type in the date or dates you want to search. If you want to search only in one date, leave the 'Until' box blank and select only a date in the 'From' box. If you leave both boxes blank, your search will contain all dates.


You can use this area to search a single mint or as many as you wish. Leave all boxes blank to search all mints. Philadelphia
San Francisco

 Variety Type
Select the type of die variety you want to search for. Only one selection is allowed. If you want all variety types, leave this area blank. Doubled die obverse
Doubled die reverse
Repunched date
Mint mark variety

This field gives you the option of selecting the direction of spread for MM varieties or the classification of spread for doubled dies. This field will give you anything close to what you choose, it is not an exact match field. If you do not know the direction of spread or classification for your search, leave the selection as '- none -'.

This selection is provided so you can specify the strength of spread you want to search for. You can search for only one star rating by selecting only the first choice, or you can search a range of star ratings by filling in the second blank as well. Remember that the second number has to be higher than the first number. From



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