Rules and Information

The following list of items will be auctioned LIVE
on Tuesday - June 10th - 2024, beginning at 7:00pm Eastern.

We accept Paypal, Venmo, credit cards, debit cards, and gold or silver (at melt) as forms of payment. We do NOT accept cash, cryptocurrency or CashApp.

We currently have information on 35 lots below.

Auction Rules (as of 12/01/19):

  1. The auction is open to all subscribers to the Youtube channel for "coppercoins" who have properly registered. Subscribe to the Youtube channel well ahead of bidding time.
  2. The auction will be conducted by Chuck Daughtrey, the owner and founder of the channel. His decision in any dispute of any kind is the final decision. Moderator is Eric Beyer. His decisions carry as much weight as the owner of the group.
  3. Bidding is live. Register to bid BEFORE the auction by sending your full name and paypal email address to We will NO LONGER ACCEPT registration requests DURING the auction. PLEASE register before the auction starts!
  4. ONLY AFTER you are registed, you may bid by placing a number in a comment within the allotted time for an auction lot. If you are the high bidder when the lot ends, you win that item.
  5. Once you have registered with us, you are NOT required to register again unless your information changes.
  6. Bid increments are a minimum of 50c up to bids of $20, a minimum of $1 for bids of $20 to $30, then $2 for bids of $30 to $50, a minimum of $5 for bids of $50 t0 $100, then $10 thereafter. Bid increases smaller than these amounts will be considered invalid and will not be recognized during the auction.
  7. Shipping charge for winnings under 1 pound will be $4. Winnings over 1 pound (more than 2 rolls) is $8. Items too large to fit in a small priority box will have to be shipped in a medium box at $14
  8. We cannot ship packages outside the United States except to places where USPS DOMESTIC mail can be sent out (APO/FPO, PR, Guam, etc.)
  9. The chat window is ONLY for posting items, asking questions about the items, and for bids. Keep conversation to a minimum to avoid confusion and allow the auction to flow more smoothly and more quickly. Entering numbers in the chat with no other communication will be considered bids.
  10. Each item will be called down at even time intervals to allow everyone present a chance to bid. Once an item is called sold, that item will not be reviewed for dispute settlement until the auction is over. Disputed items must be disputed immediately and will be recognized for review after the auction. AUCTION PROCEEDINGS WILL NOT STOP TO SETTLE DISPUTES.
  11. PLEASE DO NOT pay for your winning lots until you receive an invoice from us totaling all your winning bids including shipping. If paying via Paypal you can pay directly from the email invoice you receive. DO NOT USE FRIENDS & FAMILY TO PAY! If paying by Postal Money Order, arrangements need to be made in advance. No other forms of payment are accepted.
  12. Please pay invoices within 48 hours after the time you are billed. Failure to pay invoices by the beginning of the NEXT show will result in you being asked not to bid in that show until you have paid your outstanding invoice.
  13. Anyone in violation of these rules or in violation of general social media etiquette may be asked to immediately discontinue commenting during the auction. If they continue, they risk being banned from the event.
  14. Participating as a bidder in the auction constitutes agreement to these rules as stated.
  15. Auction rules are subject to change without notice. Check here for updates or changes.
Roll 4-pack : 80P - S-Mint wheat - 66P - 17P - 88P various $10 min 
Roll 4-pack : 64P - 88P - 81D - 64P Unc $13 min 
Roll 4-pack : 64P - 84P - 93D - 94D Unc $13 min 
Roll 4-pack : 62P - 71P - 81P - 95P Unc $13 min 
Roll 4-pack : 60P - 81P - 88P - 95P Unc $11 min 
Roll 4-pack : 71D - 73P - 74P - 80s copper Unc $10 min 
Roll 4-pack : Canada - Wheat - 61P - 09P various $12 min 
Roll 4-pack : 58D OBW - 59D OBW - 68S - 83P Unc $19 min 
Roll 4-pack : 64P OBW - 74P OBW - 77P - 88P OBW Unc $14 min 
25c half roll mixed wheats various $2 min 
25c half roll 1959D El-Rancho Vegas BU $14 min 
25c half roll 1962-P BU $10 min 
25c half roll 1962-P BU $10 min 
1958-D Lincoln Wheat Cent Roll BU $14 min 
Roll 4-pack : 60s-70s - 1944 mixed - 71S - 09 LP2 various $10 min 
Roll 4-pack : 68S - 86P - 71P OBW - 88P Unc $16 min 
Roll 4-pack : 55D circ - 67 - 74 - 86P various $15 min 
At least 60-70 memorial cents in 2x2s various $12 min 
about 50 wheat cents in holders various $10 min 
about 50 wheat cents in holders various $10 min 
about 50 wheat cents in holders various $10 min 
Roll 4-pack : 50S to 51S Wheats various $15 min 
Roll 4-pack : 63P - 68D - 69D - mixed various $12 min 
Roll 4-pack : 59P - 66P - 68D - mixed various $12 min 
Roll 4-pack : 61D - 63P - 68D - mixed various $12 min 
Roll 4-pack : 59D - 63P - 64 partial - 68D various $11 min 
Roll 4-pack : 59D partial - unknown - 63P - 68D various $12 min 
Roll 5-pack : 63P x 2 - 69D - 76P - 2010D various $15 min 
Box full of early wheat cents in holders various $40 min 
Box full of modern wheat cents in holders various $25 min 
12 pack modern BU rolls various $20 min 
10 pack copper cents various $15 min 
Grab Bag of Lincoln Cent Goodness - well over $15 value 
Mystery Coin Pull - 5 coins various $12.5 min 
Mystery Coin Pull - 10 coins various $25 min 

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