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   Welcome to the only searchable, comprehensive, database driven version Lincoln cent die attribution and information guide available on the internet. That's quite a mouthful, but it reflects the overall complete scope of this reference.

   This reference is the result of years of study in the Lincoln cent and the die varieties and other anomalies in that series. Painstaking effort has been made to ensure this guide is as useful to the collector as possible. It is my intent as author to once and for all publish a comprehensive die reference with complete attribution information that can be used by everyone interested.

   The specific areas of this guide are still being mapped and planned - many more features are to come, and you are invited to watch it grow as I update it and you use it. I encourage the active participation of every interested collector, so we can make this guide the best, most informative, and most complete numismatic reference available.

   I am always available through e-mail if you would like to contact me with comments, suggestions, or questions - I can usually answer most questions and respond to most comments the same day I receive them. If you have information that you would like to provide to add to the content of this site, please e-mail me for instructions on how to submit such information.

   Thank you for making this guide your reference. Please use the links provided in the graphic at the top of your screen for site navigation. Have fun! That's what collecting is all about!

Charles D. Daughtrey
author, designer, programmer online reference guide to the Lincoln cent


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