EDS markers
An E-W die scratch shows above the TY in LIBERTY. Die gouges run southeast from the rim above GOD. One die gouge is rather strong inside the upper loop of the G in GOD. A die clash mark shows in the throat running north from the outside edge of the bow tie.
A small but strong die gouge shows protruding from the lower right loop of the B in PLURIBUS. A V shaped pair of die scratches run ESE from the second U in PLURIBUS. A small die dot shows to the east of the E in CENT. Three light, parallel die scratches run E-W next to the E of CENT. Reverse is EDS.
MDS markers
Two parallel die scratches extend west from the tail of the 9 of the date. A die scratch runs southeast from the lower right leg of the R in LIBERTY. A SW-NE die scratch with a die dot in the middle of it shows behind the shoulder in the lower left fiel
The die scratches and die gouge mentioned in the EDS markers still exist but are weaker. A new die scratch runs E-W under the IBUS of PLURIBUS. A moderate die scratch runs northeast toward the T from the lower right part of the N in CENT. Reverse is MDS
LDS markers
The two parallel die scratches extending west from the tail of the 9 of the date are almost worn away. Die scratch from SE from lower loop of B in LIBERTY. The die scratch that runs southeast from the lower right leg of the R in LIBERTY is almost worn away. Reverse is LDS
Nice die dot between E of ONE and T of CENT. Small die dot east of E of ONE. Die dot between NU of UNUM.
Value Information
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| CLASS 2 + 5 (MDS)
CONECA: DDO-002  |  Crawford:CDDO-001
Wexler: WDDO-002  |  FS#:UNLISTED
coin photographed is credited to the author.

A nice spread shows on the outer edges of the date - tripling shows inside the diagonal of the 4. A nicely spread clockwise pivot (from K-3) shows in LIBERTY. The tripling in the date and the unrelated doubling in LIBERTY technically makes this die a quadrupled die. This die is coupled with 1942D-1MM-012.


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