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mintage figures
Denver : 7,160,000
mintage classification : URS-24
population in circulation : 0
circulation classification : URS-0
percentage of circulation : 0%
Total : 7,160,000
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Specific notes about this year's cents...

  • An error exists for this year that has caused a lot of controversy. Called the 1922 'No D' or 'plain', these coins do not have the expected 'D' mint mark, and are typically highly sought after and command a very high premium value. It is the opinion of the author of this site that these coins are the result of grease filling the mint mark area of the die. This same anomaly has happened in many other years' coins, but the reason this one gets so much attention is that there were no cents made in Philadelphia this year - filling the mint mark effectively creates a no-mint mark (Philadelphia) pseudo-cent. It is our opinion that these coins are valueless as rarities and should NOT be considered a part of a complete Lincoln cent collection any more than a 1974S clipped planchet should be.
  • Due to problems in Denver, dies were typically used long after their normal life span this year, creating a severe degree of softness in the design. 1922D cents exhibit this problem much more clearly than any other year in the series.
  • Because of the problems with many coins being struck with worn dies, specimens can be typically found selling below their actual grade value. Any specimen showing full detail on the reverse for this year are to be considered very scarce.

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