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mintage figures
Philadelphia : 252,525,000
mintage classification : URS-29
population in circulation : 6
circulation classification : URS-3
percentage of circulation : 0.12%
Denver : 800,953,300
mintage classification : URS-31
population in circulation : 14
circulation classification : URS-5
percentage of circulation : 0.28%
Philadelphia (proof) : 875,652
mintage classification : URS-21
Total : 1,054,353,952
grading notes
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this year in history...
  • On May 30th ceremonies are held at Arlington cemetary to inter the bodies of unknown soldiers from World War II and the Korean War in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, now renamed Tomb of the Unknowns.
  • On June 28th, the Mackinac Bridge, the second longest suspension bridge in the world, is dedicated.
  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is established on July 29th. Its function is to provide civilian control and coordination of space exploration.
  • A report issued by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare on December 1st estimates that school closings to prevent integration have caused the loss of 1 million student days during 1958.
Specific notes about this year's cents...

  • This year marks the last year of the wheat cent. Next year, on the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln's birth, the new reverse of the Lincoln cent will be unveiled. This change in design causes hoarding of this year's cents, causing a glut in the number of uncirculated coins. This overpopulation of higher grade coins is still felt today.
  • A number of minor doubled dies and RPMs are noted for this year, but none are as scarce or as controversial as a very rare and very strong doubled die issued this year by the Philadelphia mint. To date only two specimens are known to exist. Some believe this variety is the result of foul play at the mint.
  • This date also contains an anomoly that was originally reported as a design hub doubled overdate from a master die, but has since been found to be a die gouge or scratch on a master die. It is generally reported as a 1958/7 overdate, but is not so. It is listed in older guides, but has since been discounted by every known expert in the business. It is not listed in any guide printed since 1990. Dr. Sol Taylor reports in his guide, The Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent, fourth edition, page 174 : "The 1958/7 overdates reported in Breen and first described by Alan Herbert in 1978 have been disproved by experts in error coinage and is not recognized by CONECA, thus no longer listed in this edition....The 1958D/7 was also disproved and no longer listed in error publications."

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