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mintage figures
Philadelphia : 753,345,000
mintage classification : URS-31
population in circulation : 125
circulation classification : URS-8
percentage of circulation : 2.5%
Denver : 1,753,266,700
mintage classification : URS-32
population in circulation : 140
circulation classification : URS-9
percentage of circulation : 2.8%
Philadelphia (proof) : 3,028,244
mintage classification : URS-23
Total : 2,509,639,944
grading notes
Did You Know?

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  • John F. Kennedy is inaugurated as the 35th President of the United States. On January 20th, he gives his famous speech that includes the phrase, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country".
  • The United States breaks off diplomatic ties with Cuba.
  • The Peace Corps is established by presidential executive order. By year's end, over 500 volunteers are overseas helping teach basic skills to citizens of undeveloped nations.
  • An invasion of Cuba's south coast at the Bay of Pigs begins in April. A United States trained group of 1,500 Cuban exiles performs the invasion, but is quickly forced to surrender. Castro later offers a trade of prisoners for tractors.
  • The Poppin Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy™ makes his debut. "The Pillsbury Dough Boy" Has continued to be a huge icon in pop culture including food, advertising and book sales
  • The minimum wage in the United States is raised to $1.15
Specific notes about this year's cents...

  • After the hype surrounding the two different date sizes surrounds the 1960 cent it is reported that there also exist two different date sizes in the 1961 cent. The truth is that there was only one date size used this year, the mistaken small date 1961 cents can be attributed to overpolished dies.
  • Proof set production hits an all-time high this year, nearly doubling the production of 1960. Still, however, due to the process of manufacturing proof coins, full cameo examples of 1961 proof coins remain very scarce and sought after.
  • While cent production increases compared to last year, the number of known repunched mint mark varieties decreases by half.
  • Die chips in the date and in LIBERTY are rather common this year. Little to no premium value should be expected for these.
  • Proof cents - Lightly contrasted single side cameo proofs are rather common. Moderate to deep contrast examples (both sides) are difficult to rare, and command a premium of usually $10-$15.

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