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This year's cents are much better known for their yield in repunched mint marks than in doubled dies. Although there are some pretty nice doubled dies, the number and quality pale in comparison to their one-letter counterparts.
obverse - Other than for a few notable cases, doubled dies should be expected to be limited in number and scope. In general, pay attention to the L in LIBERTY, the eyelid area, and to the motto. Do not be fooled by very light doubling in the WE area, as this is a common anomaly caused by a master die.
reverse - For Philadelphia minted cents this is a year with a few very nice reverse doubled dies and little else to report. Although the ones with nice spread are very noticeable, they also tend to be somewhat common. Class 5 and class 6 seem to fit the general majority of reverse doubled dies this year.
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1960 Denver repunched mint mark listings

   This listing includes all known 1960 Denver repunched mint marks as listed by the attribution system. The photographs of each die are split into their respective die states . Click on the die states listed to see the photos and additional information regarding that die. If there are no die state links shown for the die you want to visit, we have not yet examined that die. Page links are at the bottom if applicable for this list. You are currently viewing page 1 of 52 pages.

If you have a 1960D repunched mint mark that is not listed here and would like to see it included in this listing, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at to arrange to send it in for attribution.
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